Crossroads bib shorts
Crossroads bib shorts
Crossroads bib shorts
Crossroads bib shorts

Crossroads bib shorts

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A cross is a great basic shape to create fresh designs with. Its simple characteristics provide endless designing opportunities. For the crossroads bib shorts we have used several tones of yellow and grey to create an energizing and fresh look. The bib shorts can be combined with any type of jersey, but match especially well with the crossroads jersey.

A good pair of bib shorts is an indispensable item on any ride. It is the main contact point between you and the saddle, and especially important for preventing irritation or chafing on those long riding days. Since we are all about enhancing the cycling experience, our bib shorts are up to the task of keeping you comfortable, no matter the intensity or duration of your rides.

Bib shorts features

Padding: The most important element of the bib shorts. Our bibs feature a high quality premium chamois from a world renowned Italian manufacturer, known for its outstanding capability to adapt to riding movements, it delivers comfort and performance for all day long and intense rides and has been thoroughly tested by a wide range of professional athletes.

Pad specifications:

  • Various hights and thicknesses. To facilitate the movements of of torsion, inclination and compression-extension, the key movements you go through when turning your pedals. keeping you comfortable throughout the whole ride.
  • Two shock absorption inserts. Placed at those critical touch points with your saddle, distributes weight and impact and absorbs road vibrations and hard impacts.
  • Open cell foam and breathable top fabric. Dries fast and stays hygienic, no matter what.

padding details bib shorts

4 way stretch and breathable lycra: Moves along with your body, provides a slight compression to support your muscles, and creates an aero profile. Its moisture wicking capabilities draw sweat away from your body, keeping you dry.

Flatlock seams: Flatlock stitches are used for most of the seams, they ensure that there will be no chafing whatsoever.

Breathable mesh straps with elastic  edges. The straps are made with high quality mesh and combined with elastic. It provides excellent breathability, they keep your bib shorts in the right place while maintaining comfortable at your shoulders.

Heat transfer labels Nobody likes itchy labels in their apparel. You won’t feel these heat transfer labels at all.

Silicone impregnated cuffs laser cut, elasticated silicone impregnated cuffs keeps the shorts in place without putting extra pressure on the legs, which improves circulation.

Bib shorts sizing

bib shorts sizing measurements
  • Key measurement for determining the perfect bib shorts size: Your waist circumference A.
  • Measure around the smallest part of your waist to determine your size.
  • Are you in between sizes? We advice you to go down for a tighter fit, up for a looser fit.

All measurements are in centimeters.

Waist A 74-79 79-84 84-89 89-94 94-104
Inseam length 23 24 25 26 27

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