Wherever you ride
Look great doing it

About us

Cycling is a sublime sport. We all know that feeling:  The adrenaline running through our veins when we throw our MTB’s downhill, challenge our mates into a sprint on Saturday morning, or tour the region for hours, mighty right? In contrast to the sport, cycling clothing is often very boring, monotonous and downright unappealing. Splattered with advertising, dull colours and unfashionable. Why?

I am Hugo, the founder of Pep cycling, and also that guy on all the photos on this website;). Cycling enthusiast, the forest is my mountain biking playground. I have a background in marketing and business communication and a predilection for beautiful things. The lack of fashionable cycling clothing is the reason for the founding of Pep cycling. After playing a while with the thought of starting up a brand and revisiting al giant challenges that come with it, I decided to be bold and take the step. Pep cycling was started.

Pep cycling stands for the following: Cycling is a sublime sport. We strongly believe cycling clothing should radiate that, express our passion for cycling and inspire you to go out and stomp those pedals. We like diversity: It doesn’t matter where, with whom, how fast or how slow, or with what kind of bike you cycle. It’s about having fun. We create our cycling clothing from this very idea. With unique, lively designs, refreshing colors, fashion forward and bold styles. We take pride in creating cycling apparel that makes you stand out from the crowd. All of this is captured in our motto:

Wherever you ride look great doing it.

Welcome to Pep cycling,

Hugo Ewalts, Founder

The core principles behind our cycling apparel:

We won't settle for anything less.

Unique designs: Every piece of cycling clothing we make, we treat like a blank canvas. The clothing designer makes a unique design, in detail. We use fashion-forward styles and colors. We only create clothing that adds something new to the cycling scene.

Exclusivity and diversity: We only produce in small numbers, the last thing we want would be everyone cycling around in the same outfit. We’ll leave that for the pro teams.

Quality and functionality: Enjoying your sports is paramount at Pep cycling. Cycling clothing must support that cycling experience by being of high quality. We therefore only use high-quality materials and techniques. We work our clothes down to the smallest details. We test our clothing thoroughly; we ride it, wash it, and crash it. Only when we are 100% satisfied with a product will we sell it. We don't add useless gimmicks to our clothes.

Price/quality ratio: we're a direct to consumer brand, without the regular middlemen which saves on costs. As a result we're able to deliver a high quality product at a medium price point.

People behind Pep cycling

A founder/do-it-all guy, a sportswear designer, and a top notch production partner.

We're a small company based in The Netherlands: I am the founder and do-it-all guy. I teamed up with a sportswear designer who has worked for several big brands over the years. We cooperate with a world renowned, modern and specialized cycling clothing manufacturer in Asia. Our manufacturer produces high-quality cycling clothing for different small and big brands across the globe, has a large professional  production and R&D facility and makes use of the latest techniques and materials. Their level of craftsmanship is simply unrivaled, which makes them the ideal partner for producing our high quality cycling apparel.